The idea of “Multiple Offers” or, as some say, “Bidding Wars”, often strikes some fear into Buyers.  

A multiple offer situation though is really nothing to worry about if you know and understand both the process as well as the local real estate market.

Sometimes a listing agent will price a property intentionally on the low side and then set a date when the Seller will review offers. This allows the house to be viewed by Buyers for several days with the hopes of getting more than one offer on the offer date. In a sense, it almost becomes like an auction.

Buyers interested in bidding on the house will submit a bid, not knowing what the other competing offers are.  The Listing Agent must inform all parties of the number of offers, however.

Lately though, I have seen situations where the Listing Agent was holding offers until a certain date and then received none.  In this case the Buyers are saying ‘we don’t think this property is worth more than the list price’.

As a Buyer it is so important to be working with an Agent who has a deep understanding of the local market and who can advise you on pricing.  Visiting several properties also helps a Buyer to get a good handle on house values too.  You will then be able to recognize when a list price has been set intentionally low. You will also understand better what fairAccording to many people, drugs such as kamagra tablets do however has some novel gimmicks, for example, diverse flavors, speedier activity and the way that it is produced in discount levitra advantageous fluid filled sachets for simple utilization.. market value would be and not be worried so much about bidding higher than the list price.

A Buyer Agent can also tell you more about pre-offer home inspections and mortgage pre-approvals so that you can minimize your risk and move forward with a strong bid when competing with other offers.

If you have any further questions about ‘multiple offers’, ‘holding offers’, ‘list price versus sale price’ or anything else real estate related, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Natalie French, Salesperson

Sutton Group-Select Realty Inc., Brokerage

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